Residential Rodent Control & Maintenance Plans

Residential Rodent Control & Maintenance Plans from All N One Pest Eliminators protect your family, pets and home from rats like this.

Have annoying rodents like rats and mice invaded your home? Do you want to make sure your family, pets, and house are protected from a rodent infestation? Your best protection from unwanted rodents is a Rodent Control & Maintenance Plan from All N One Pest Eliminators. Our Diamond Certified Rodent Control Experts have helped families just like yours live rodent free.

Not only do rodents like rats and mice cause damage to your home, they can also carry harmful diseases and attract other pests that can affect the health of you, your family and pets. Luckily you don’t have to worry when you choose to protect your home with an affordable Residential Rodent Control & Maintenance Plan.

After our daughter saw a mouse in our house, we knew we needed help. All N One Pest Eliminators were able to find where the mice were nesting in our garage and how they were getting into the house. They were able to seal the entry points we didn’t even know were there and get rid of all of the mice. Now they come back every two months to ensure they can’t return.

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Protect Your Home and Family from Harmful Rodents!

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Types of Rodents You Are Protected From

With an All N One Rodent Control and Maintenance Plan, your home and family are protected from many common rodents including:

  • Gophers
  • Mice
  • Moles
  • Rats
  • Voles

What Does A Rodent Maintenance Plan Cost?

Rodents like rats and mice use holes like this to gain access to your home.

The cost of a Rodent Maintenance Plan can differ depending on your current situation including:

  • Type of current rodent problem
  • Severity of the current rodent infestation
  • Size of your home
  • Number of entry points which need to be sealed
  • Frequency of appointments needed

After our initial inspection of your home, your Diamond Certified Rodent Control Specialist will review all their findings with you and

Rodent Maintenance Process

When you are experiencing an active rodent infestation in your home, your treatment plan will require two stages of action. The first stage is an exclusion treatment for your home to prevent rodents from gaining access. The second stage involves regular maintenance visits to ensure the rodent can’t return.

① Rodent Inspection and Estimate

When you have a Rodent Problem, you want it gone now! You can count on All N One Pest Eliminators to be at your home within 24 hours of your first call. Our Rodent Control Specialist will speak with you to understand the current issue and major points of concern. They will then inspect your home for potential causes for the current issue and additional pest and rodent related areas of concern. Once your tech has completed the inspection they will discuss their recommended treatment options with you and provide an affordable pest control and rodent removal estimate for you to review.

② Exterior Rodent Exclusion Treatment

With our Rodent and Pest Control Strategy in place our technicians will jump into action. The first step in our process is to identify any potential entry points the rodents can use to gain entry to your home. Your rodent exclusion specialist will seal all points of entry the rodents can use to gain access to your home. During the treatment process, your tech will continue to monitor the treated entry points to ensure they have not been damaged by rodents attempting to re-enter your home.

③ Rodent Trapping and Removal

Once the exterior of your home is secure, the next step in our process is to strategically place traps around the exterior of your home and if needed, in attics, crawl spaces, or additional areas of concern. We take great care to use the most environmentally friendly, humane, and safe trapping practices available to protect your family and pets. Our traps or bait stations are secured with a lock and anchored down to prevent access for children and pets.

④ Follow-up Rodent Inspection and Monitoring

With your home secured and our bait station traps set, regular inspection of the traps and exclusion treatments are performed every 7-10 days by our rodent control team. During the visit we will inspect and remove any rodents that have been caught and examine entry points to ensure they are still secure. This stage of the process will generally take 4-6 weeks depending on the rodent infestation.

⑤ Successful Completion of Exclusion and Removal Treatment

Your initial rodent control exclusion and removal treatment will conclude when we have two consecutive weeks of inspection with no signs of rodent activity. This includes all traps remain empty, no new or reopened entry points around your home, and no additional indicators of rodent activity (i.e. noise in house, new rodent droppings).

⑥ Continued Rodent & Pest Control Maintenance

It has been said that, “The only real defense is an active defense.” A successful Residential Rodent and Pest Control Strategy includes proper maintenance and prevention. With the All N One Rodent Control & Maintenance Package, you can rest assured that your family and home are protected year-round from all types of rodents. Our Rodent Control Specialists will make regular visits to your home to re-treat your home and identify any potential rodent threats.

Pest Control Satisfaction Guarantee

With a Rodent Control & Maintenance Plan your pests are gone and stay gone. You will enjoy peace of mind your family and home will not be bothered by annoying pests that keep coming back. In the unlikely event covered pests return, our Diamond Certified Technicians will come out to inspect your problem, identify what the cause is, and treat the issue at no additional cost*.

*Some restrictions apply. See contract for details

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You don’t have to live with destructive and harmful rodents in your home! Protect your family, pets, and property with a Rodent Control & Maintenance Plan from All N One Pest Eliminators. Contact our Customer Satisfaction Specialists today to schedule a free estimate and save 20% off your first service!

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