Do I Need Spider Control?

Spider Control Services to eliminate black widow spiders like this from your property

Have you seen spiders in or around your home? Are you worried they may pose a health risk to your family? You have come to the right place for help. Just a few spiders can quickly grow to a full infestation. Taking swift action is your best defense against these annoying and potentially harmful pests.

While many spiders are harmless to humans, they can create a mess with their webs in and around your home. Some spider species, like the Black Widow, can be venomous and pose health risks to you and your family.

Because spiders have many ways to enter your home, the most effective solution is a Pest Control Strategy that solve the current infestation, which prevents your home from being targeted in the future. Continue to read below to learn more about the spider control treatments available to you.

When you are ready to start living spider-free, our friendly Pest Control Specialists are here to guide you through our proven Pest Control Strategy. Taking action at the first sign of spider activity is the best way to prevent a larger infestation from spreading in your home.

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Common Spiders We Eliminate for You

Spider Control Services from All N One Pest Eliminators exterminate spiders like these

There are over 40,000 different spider species around the world. Luckily there are a far less in Northern California. Our Diamond Certified Spider Control Experts have been trained to locate, identify, and eliminate the eight-legged pests invading your home.

The most common spiders we eliminate for customers just like you are:

Black Widow Spiders

The black widow spiders are identified by their color and the hourglass-shaped mark on their abdomen. These spiders may be small but their venomous bite can pack a punch. According to WebMD, the effect of the venom can vary from person to person causing severe pain, burning, swelling and redness around the bite. Nausea, vomiting, and difficulty breathing are also potential symptoms. WebMD also recommends children and older adults immediately seek medical attention as their bites can be fatal to them. You can learn more about black widow bites on

Hobo Spiders

These are aggressive house spiders which are 11 to 15 mm long and are brown in color. Females have larger abdomens as compared to male. Males have swollen appendages which are used for reproduction. They feed on insects and other spiders. They inhabit dark humid areas that are not commonly used.

Crab Spiders

Named after their crablike appearance and movements. They have two large and strong front legs that are used to capture their prey. Their bite is venomous, but it is not medically threatening to the human body. Crab spider eggs are produced a week after the crab spiders mate and hatching time depends on environmental conditions.

Garden Spiders

They are neither aggressive nor are they medically important. They are found outdoors and in gardens where they weave delicate orb-shaped webs. They produce strong webs which they use to capture their prey.

Daddy Longlegs

One of the most common spiders found in the home, the daddy longlegs is a member of the cellar spider family and also referred to as a harvestman spider. They do not pose a poisonous threat to humans.

They do an awesome job. I didn’t realize my service ended until I started seeing the spider webs surrounding my back porch. It’s pretty nasty but it’s what happens when you live by the water. Needless to say, I restarted my service! I highly recommend them!

Nina G. Discovery Bay, CA

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Signs of A Spider Infestation

There are both obvious and less obvious signs you are experiencing a spider infestation in your home. Common signs of an active infestation or the potential of a spider problem include:

  • Seeing an increase of spiders in or around your home
  • An increase in spiderwebs around the corners of your walls, near windows or doorways, or behind bookshelves and other furniture
  • Spotting spider egg sacks. The sacks are usually white in color, wrapped in the silk webbing, and are generally attached to a solid surface like behind a bookshelf or in cabinets.

Spider Control Treatments

While spiders are an important part of our ecosystem by providing organic bug control, they can still cause pest problems within your home. Additionally, some species can also cause health risks like the black widow. At All N One Pest Eliminators, our spider control treatment consists of both chemical treatments and natural control options.

Chemical Treatments

Aerosol concentrate sprays and insecticide “dust” are both common and effective treatments for larger infestations. The odorless dust is mixed with water and then applied in and around the infestation area. The dust treatment provides a waterproof solution which is sprayed into cracks and voids spiders and other pests can use to gain entry to your home. The treatment is highly effective, fast acting and can provide protection for a significant period.

Natural Control and Prevention

While chemical treatments are an effective way to control and eliminate large spider infestations, we believe ecofriendly organic and natural control and prevention options should be used when available. Modifying the environment where the spiders and other pest live can be an effective preventative option including:

Reducing the amount of artificial light outside

Many bugs are attracted to artificial light sources. The bugs that are drawn to the light provide an excellent source of food for spiders. Using motion detection light that only operate when needed is a great option to reduce artificial outdoor light.

Sealing Cracks and Gaps

Spiders and other pests can enter your home through the tiniest cracks and gaps around doorways, windows, or imperfections around the foundation. New seals, screens, and fillers can be used to seal these entry points.

Keep roof overhangs and base of your house clean

Debris, cobwebs, weeds and dirt around the base of you home and roof overhangs provide insects a perfect habitat to live. A shop-vac can be an effective too for reaching hard to reach areas when cleaning.

Move wood piles away from home

Piles of wood, like supplies of firewood, are notorious homes for spiders like black widows. While treatments around the wood can help minimize spider activity, it is a good practice to keep the wood stored away from your home. It is also a good practice to use gloves when gathering wood and inspecting it for spiders before bringing into the house.

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Spider control and extermination can be a time-consuming task. Our friendly Spider Control Experts have been expertly trained in the most effective and speedy methods available to end your spider problem and have you sleeping better now! Call our office today for a free quote and take advantage of a 20% discount on you first month of our All N One Pest Control & Maintenance Plans.

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