Black Widow Spider Control Protects Your Family

Black Widow Spider Control Services from All N One Pest Eliminators protect your family from harmful spiders like this.

Are Black Widow Spiders invading your home? Known for their painful and venomous bite, these spiders create a potentially harmful situation for you and your family. Taking quick action to eliminate black widows from inside and around your home is the best way to protect your loved ones.

The most effective way of eliminating black widows from your home is with a pest control strategy that solves the current spider infestation and prevents your home from being targeted in the future. Continue to read below to learn more about the pest control treatments available to you, as well as additional information about the black widow spider.

When you are ready to start living spider-free, our friendly Pest Control Specialists are here to guide you through our proven Pest Control Strategy. Taking action at the first sign of a black widow is the best way to prevent a larger infestation from spreading in your home.

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They do an awesome job. I didn’t realize my service ended until I started seeing the spider webs surrounding my back porch. It’s pretty nasty but it’s what happens when you live by the water. Needless to say, I restarted my service! I highly recommend them!

Nina G. Discovery Bay, CA

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Signs of A Black Widow Infestation

Black Widow Spiders are commonly found in dark places like crawl spaces, piles of wood, under bushes, garages, and in storage closets within your home. With their infamous shiny black bodies and red hour glass mark on the females, they are one of the easiest spiders to identify.

The black widow web tends to be very fine and shimmers in the light. An active web is kept very clean by the spider. They are not always immediately visible on or around the web as they are known to hide from their prey.

Signs of a Black Widow Bite

Although not generally lethal, the black widows bite is venomous, painful, and can cause a more serious allergic reaction requiring medical attention. Commonly reported signs and symptoms of black widow bite include:

  • Nausea
  • Muscle Pains
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Hypertension

If you experience any of these signs after getting bit, you should seek the advice of a medical professional.

Black Widow Facts

The female black widow is what most people picture when talking about this spider. Only the female carries the red hour glass marking on its abdomen. It will also grow larger than the male, capable of growing over 1 ½ inches long. As the alpha of the species, the “widow” name come from the female feeding on their male counterparts.

While the female mates only once during its lifetime, just one can create a large infestation. They can lay between 30 to 850 eggs which are incubated for three weeks. The offspring will reach maturity in just three months.

Spider Control Services to eliminate black widow spiders like this from your property

With a nine-month old child crawling around our house, I became very nervous when I found a black widow behind a book shelf! All N One Pest Eliminators came out the same day to treat my home. Haven’t seen another spider or any bugs in the house since signing up for their service! Thanks for relieving this first-time mom!

Hakeem M. Pinole, CA

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Black Widow Spider Control Treatments

Spiders are an important part of our ecosystem, they are vital in contributing to their natural organic bug control. However, the potential harmful effects of a black widow outweigh their usefulness in certain situations. At All N One Pest Eliminators, our black widow spider control treatment consists of both chemical treatments and natural control options.

Chemical Treatments

Aerosol concentrate sprays and insecticide “dust” are both common and effective black widow treatments for larger infestations. The odorless dust is mixed with water and then applied in and around the infestation area. The dust treatment provides a waterproof solution which is sprayed into cracks and voids spiders and other pests can use to gain entry to your home. The treatment is highly effective, fast acting, and can provide protection for a significant period of time.

Natural Control and Prevention

While chemical treatments are an effective way to control black widows, we believe eco-friendly organic and natural control and prevention options should be used when available. Modifying the environment where the spiders and other pest live can be an effective preventative option, including:

Reducing the amount of artificial light outside

Many bugs are attracted to artificial light sources. The bugs that are drawn to the light provide an excellent source of food for spiders. Using motion detection light that only operate when needed is a great option to reduce artificial outdoor light.

Sealing Cracks and Gaps

Spiders and other pests can enter your home through the tiniest cracks and gaps around doorways, windows, or imperfections around the foundation. New seals, screens, and fillers can be used to seal these entry points.

Keep roof overhangs and base of your house clean

Debris, cobwebs, weeds and dirt around the base of you home and roof overhangs provide insects a perfect habitat to live. A shop-vac can be an effective too for reaching hard to reach areas when cleaning.

Move wood piles away from home

Piles of wood, like supplies of firewood, are notorious homes for spiders like black widows. While treatments around the wood can help minimize spider activity, it is a good practice to keep the wood stored away from your home. It is also a good practice to use gloves when gathering wood and inspecting it for spiders before bringing into the house.

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