Stinging Insect Solutions You Can Rely On

Are you ready to enjoy your yard with your family and loved ones? Thanks to All N One Pest Eliminators you can without the worry of annoying and potentially painful stinging insects!

Every Summer we help families just like yours enjoy their yards with the peace of mind their fun will not be interrupted by unwanted bees, yellow jackets, hornets and wasps.

When you are ready to take back control of your yard, our friendly team of Diamond Certified Pest Control Specialists are here to easily guide you through the process. We will come to your house, identify problem areas and provide you with an expert solution.

During the warmer seasons these pests are working hard to collect food for the colder seasons. Unfortunately, most of us are outside during the warmer seasons, which makes this time a higher risk for coming in contact with them and getting stung.

Continue reading on this page you to learn more about how to identify what stinging insect is bugging you and what you should know on avoiding getting stung! Let’s make today a stinger-free day!

A closeup photo of a wasps stinging a human

Striped angry wasp stuck a sharp thorn in the human skin

Signs of A Stinging Insect Problem

Seeing a stinging pest is a sign that there is a nest nearby. A nest or hive is the most valuable place to any stinging insect. Luckily, once a nest is found, our team of trained experts will properly remove it and make sure your property is safe from these pesky stingers!

Most of these stinging insects are harmless until their colony or hive is threatened. This make removing a nest on your own difficult without the proper equipment and greatly increases your chances of getting stung, yikes!

Stinging insects love to make their home around your home. Nests are typically found on branches of trees, doorframes, eaves, pillars and even in the ground depending on the type of pest making and living in it.

The most effective solution to get rid of stinging insects is our Pest Control Strategy. This solves the current infestation and helps to prevent your home from being targeted in the future.

Our goal is to make sure every nest is completely removed. Our pest control company has helped families just like yours to keep them safe from these unwanted and may be harmful pests.

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They are so quick and friendly! I showed them the beehive and I watched the nest removed safely from my window. Now I get to keep my backyard safe for my guests. I will be using All N One Pest Eliminators for all my other residential pest control services!

Anthony E. Livermore, CA

Common Stinging Insets We Eliminate for You

It is important to understand that not all stinging insects pose a direct harm. Bees for example provide a vital service to our ecosystem and we should take the proper steps to protect them.

Yellow Jackets, Wasps and Hornets are the more aggressive types of stinging pests, and it is important to understand the difference amongst all stinging insects. Here are the most common types of stinging insects we eliminate for customers:

1 Yellow Jackets

Named after their typical black and yellow coloring on their bodies. All yellow jackets are wasps and they look like bees but with a small waist.

Yellow jackets unlike other stinging pests sting multiple times and may lead to serious health issues if an individual is allergic to their venom.

Beware when drinking soda or eating candies because these yellow jackets love to feed on sugar. They do not serve an important purpose like bees so they are just to around to annoy you while enjoying your favorite sweets!

2 Hornets

One of the more dangerous stinging pests is the hornet because of their aggressiveness. Please visit our Hornet Removal page to learn more about this stinging insect.

3 Wasps

Wasp and bees are commonly mistaken for each other, but a wasp is much more aggressive and more likely to sting. Please visit our Wasp Control page to learn more about this stinging insect.

A collage of stinging insects with pictures of a Yellow Jacket, Hornet, and a Wasp

My husband thought he could’ve got rid of the wasp’s nest on his own and got stung!! We called All N One immediately and they came out the same day! My kids can finally play outside. Thanks All N One!

Sherry D. Pittsburg, CA

Some Bees Are Helpful

There are about 2,000 types of bee species in California, but we will focus on the main ones such as Honey Bees, Bumble Bees, and Carpenter Bees. They are identified by their color and shape of their bodies.

Since they are beneficial to us because they help plants grow we don’t want to eliminate them unless necessary. This is where Bee Control comes in and safely removes them from unwanted areas into safer locations. Our experts can provide you with strategies to safely remove the hive.

Bees protect their nest with their lives in a way where they will actually die when they sting. They sacrifice their life for their colony!

It is important to understand which bees are beneficial to us and that is by recognizing and identifying the behavior of the various types.

Honey bee

Many stripes and slender. Collect pollen and nectar for their colony and help pollinate plants to help them grow

Bumble Bees

Blocks of color with hair and robust. Works as hard as the honey bee but has a smaller colony. They are typically found in the wild and found in burrows or holes in the ground.

Carpenter Bee

Similar body to the bumblebee except they have a shiny lower back. They make an aggressive buzzing sound and bore wood but for a nest.

The sun is out, and you are ready to light up the BBQ and enjoy your yard! Let our Diamond Certified Pest Control Experts give you peace of mind you won’t be bothered by those annoying and painful stinging insects! Protect your home and loved ones today with our proven pest control strategy that is Satisfaction Guaranteed!