How Bird Control Can Protect Your Home and Loved Ones

Pigeon Bird Control services offered by All N One Pest Eliminators

Have birds chosen to make your house their home? When birds takeover your roof and awnings, they can damage your property and spread disease. The good news is you can fight back! Bird control products and treatments are available to help rid your home of these feathered pests.

Birds take over roof tops that offer shelter to build nests or overhangs and niches they can perch on and survey food sources. Birds left to roam free on your roof or property can results in clogged vents and gutters, damaged window screens, and accumulation of bird droppings that can foster and spread disease. Knowing how you can prevent or discourage birds from choosing your home can be the difference between successful bird control and a big feathered mess.

Our bird control experts have successfully helped make homes just like yours bird free. When you ready to stop living with annoying early morning bird sounds, damage to your home, and droppings on your roof, driveway, patio and walkways our bird control specialists are ready to jump into action.

Continue to read to lead about the bird control option we can provide for you or contact our experienced pest control team to learn more about our bird control services available to you.

Bird Control Methods Available

We love birds, just not when they damage your home. That is why we have made every effort to create a bird control solution that protects your home, the birds, and the environment at the same time. Our environmentally friendly bird control solutions include:

  • Discouragement: Our bird control abatement specialists will survey your home to identify areas that encourage bird activity. Depending on the type of birds you are encountering, they may recommend physical deterrents like bird spikes, bird netting and mesh screening. These materials help prevent birds from landing and make it uncomfortable for birds to eat, rest, and nest on your home.
  • Repelling: Propane is primarily used as a repellent and it doesn’t cause tremendous explosions that would affect the environment. The propane cannon blast give, the birds distress so that they fly away.
  • Relocation: Large birds should be taken back to where they belong. We have wildlife experts who can use live bird traps to capture and relocate these feathered species.
  • Scaring: Sick birds have a phobia for people; scarecrows that resemble humans can be placed at strategic points in a garden as visual deterrents to scare them off.
  • Thwarting: This entails physical protection of garden plants. PVC pipes are used to create draping for covering food crops. Cages also do well in protecting plants against bird destructions.
  • Distracting: Since birds are ever searching for easy food, food sources can be provided freely so that they do not get into gardens with food crops. A few plants that attract birds naturally can be sacrificed to keep the birds busy e.g. Juniper, sunflower, dogwood, and buckwheat.
  • Hampering Reproduction: Subsequent generations can be diminished by getting rid of nests and eggs. Birds such as pigeons, ducks, and sparrows can also be fed with birth control feeds so that they stop reproducing.
Wildlife Removal: Sparrow

Common Bird Species We Can Help Remove

  • Pigeons
  • Crows
  • Starlings
  • Sparrows
  • Seagulls

Counties Where We Provide Bird Control Services

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Don’t let annoying birds wreak havoc on your landscape, home, and belongings. Protect your family and pets with the top-rated bird control specialists you can count on. Contact our Pest Control Customer Service Representative today to learn how you can live bird free!

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